Full, detailed BoM...(in progress...last updated 7/3/13)

The "**" option is what I'm currently using. I'll post details on results with each as it happens.

Vat Liners/Coating Options

**PTFE Adhesive Liner**(8" width, 5 yds)


Sylgard 184 (B9 uses it, but I haven't heard too many nice things from other users...but its an option)


**Dell 2400MP** 3000 Lumens, 1024 by 768 native resolution

Dell 5100MP 3300 Lumens, 1400 by 1050 native resolution

THK Linear Actuators

**KR2001A+100L0-0000** Tilt

**KR2001A+200L0-0000** Z Axis

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