Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back on it!

Well August happened...and then I returned to normal life in Baltimore, MD and settled back into the chaos of working my normal job. Since then, I've had next to no time to dedicate to this project...but as of today. I can proudly say I am back on it!

Kind of helps get you focused when the project is featured in the Make magazine 3d printer special edition  (Out on newsstands today, get a copy, read my articles/reviews :P), being exhibited at the Smithsonian X3D event and ultimately letting down your friend in terms of documentation of your project (Sorry, Jordan! This weekend, it's REALLY, ACTUALLY happening).

So what's the plan for Open3DLP, well for one I still need to do all the testing I had promised and get those quantitative data out in the wild. New vat axis with tilt/slide, I've been brain storming lots of ideas and am going to get fabricating with a few prototypes.

In the meantime, the real action is happening back at Rice where as of last week, their DLP printer is back at it curing resins! Bagrat Grigoryan is heading up that initiative and I know that the project/machine/research will do well with him at the helm.

I'm also looking into getting some custom parts made for the THK actuators I have for platform attachment and machine attachment. On that note, I still have THK's up for grabs if anyone is still interested, 2 pairs (short and long). Message me if interested.

Time to brush off that dust and bring down off that shelf


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  3. Hi Anderson,
    I am interested in a long THK KR20. Is it still available?

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