Monday, July 15, 2013

Build Base and Vat

It's where all the action happens, your build base/platform and the vat. The vat is what contains your resin/material and the build base/platform is where the print adheres to.

I decided to construct my own base and vat. It was fairly straightforward for constructing both with the help of some Weld-on #4

For the vat, I laser cut all the pieces, out of 1/4" acrylic, I needed as well as a jog, popped the pieces in place and dripped the solution into the seems. Capillary action takes care of the rest, one drop is all it needs!

Holes on the corners for bolts.
This little slot is an idea for the tilt mechanism a friend thought up...
The base assembly was also entirely laser cut  I have access to a 120W Trotec laser cutter. The higher wattage is great for cutting/engraving through thick materials (1/2 or 12mm+). I used 0.5" acrylic as the build medium. The thought was to layer the pieces together, like so:

Side View, see the depth of the engraving for nut trap
Overhead view
Partially assembled, still need the last piece with the glass epoxied together.
I will be posting all of my laser cut files as soon as I'm sure they are reliable. If you want them sooner, shoot me an email.

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