Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Setup/Partial Assembly

From here on out, the BoM will be moved over to the hardware section. You will be able to find snapshots of carts from the various vendors in which I acquired parts from. Same goes for the software setup I have, that includes electronics, FW, slicer and host.

Also on the note of BoM's and supplies. I picked up a fair amount of the linear actuators for really cheap. If you are interested in some, please contact me and I will gladly sell you some. Drop me a line via email or state your interest in the comments.
THK KR20 actuators
Now to the stuff you really care about...assembly!

It's a more or less straightforward build, I'm sure the pictures will speak for themselves. Do let me know if any part could be bettered with a caption.

The workflow that I followed for the frame assembly was the following:

Base -> Front/Back -> Projector Mount -> Left/Right -> Tilt axis -> Top -> Z axis


More photos to come shortly... :). I'm a little behind on posting since the last update...been busy curing resin! :P

All the while, I'm thinking of different methods for executing the vat tilt mechanics. So many options. Different methods for tilting to different methods for surface coatings.

If you're interested in learning more about DLP 3D printers and want a more immediate response, consider joining fellow contributors on IRC via the #dlp3dprinting channel on Freenode. You can find me on their under the handle "digiFAB."

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